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 וְהִנֵּה קוֹל מִן־הֶעָנָן אֵׂר זֶה־בְּנִי ְדִידִי ָיו תִּשְׁמָעוּן׃

a voice came from the cloud, saying, This is my son: hear ye him.



You can read more about the ethos of the university, in-depth, below or proceed to the courses listed above.

Welcome to YaYiN, an online university with a unique approach to advanced discipleship. There are three main schools at YaYiN: the School of Knowledge, the School of Gifts, and Yeshivat Yeshua (University of Jesus). Other schools include schools of Evangelism, Prayer, Wisdom, and Apologetics. Each school empowers the student with the tools to gain a better understanding of Christ, Yeshua Ha Mashiach.  Yes! We believe that Christ, Yeshua is the long-awaited Messiah. He is and king of the world. He is the king of the Jews and king of the entire universe. The university is dedicated to exploring every aspect and learning everything about the greatest human in history: the son of G-d and by whom and for whom everything was created (Col.1:15)


What is a Disciple?

Jesus commissioned his disciples by saying, ” go into all the world, preach the good news and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19).The word, ‘disciples,‘ translated as ‘learners’ (from the Greek word, ‘mathetes,’) is better rendered as talmidim in Aramaic. Yeshua would have spoken in Aramaic to his disciples. Talmidim were not simply focused on acquiring knowledge as seen in the Greek academies of that time but were keen to live a life that fulfilled God’s commandments. A Talmid is a disciple who follows the teachings and lifestyle of his master. He walks ‘in the dust of his master’ and absorbs every aspect of learning and living. The Talmidim developed at YaYiN are of world-class ability. The Messiah is seeking to find such true Talmidim.

A Talmid is a student of extraordinary talent and ability

A small group tutorial with a master teacher

A Revolutionary Approach to Biblical Interpretation using linguistic Analysis

The Talmid developed at YaYiN is therefore a very particular type of learner: He seeks to emulate his teacher or “Rabbi” (our teacher, of course, is Christ, Yeshua himself). Imitation is an important principle. A Talmid has a distinct advantage over most international students. He/she uses a primarily Hebraic contextual approach for interpreting the scriptures, understanding that G_d chose to transmit many of the deepest scriptural truths about his Messiah using the vehicle of the Hebrew language and culture. This culture and language pervade both the Old and New Testaments. Understanding this approach is vital.

Many modern students struggle to understand Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus when they begin reading the bible. This is because they don’t grasp the symbolisms and meanings in the text. Most of these symbols seen in the bible: the temple design, feasts, and laws are simply earthly representations, and metaphors of heavenly culture (Heb. 9:23). This heavenly culture was given to Moses by G-d in order to reveal and teach us the truths of the Messiah and the kingdom (Gal.3:24). You will learn all about the methods of interpretation used by Messiah and the meaning of  Old Testament symbolisms. This is the kind of knowledge that produces Talmidim of exceptional, world-class quality at YaYiN.


  1. Fulfilling the Commission: Making Talmidim of all Nations at YaYiN

All nations and peoples are called to follow and become disciples

A God Reaching out to All Nations: an International Perspective at YaYiN

At YaYiN, we adopt an international perspective (read more on the ‘International Students’ page). YHWH is not a local tribal deity. He is not just the G-d of the Jews: he is the G-d of all the nations! This means that the Hebrews were not chosen because they were the greatest of all people. On the contrary, the scriptures reveal that it was because they were the least numerous of all people that they were chosen and commissioned to transmit the revelation of the Messiah (Deut. 7: 6,7; Dt.26:5). This is a key point: G-d seems to use those who appear the least likely in order to demonstrate his love and power. At YaYiN, we don’t believe in Judaizing (Gal. 3:1) but simply contextualizing the scriptures in their language for all nations to understand.

Abraham would bless all Nations

After G-d’s initial attempt to deal with mankind as a whole ended in judgment at the flood, he narrowed the lens and his plan to a single person: Abraham. Abraham’s seed would be the conduit of blessing to the world. This is why the scriptures seem to lend themselves to a primarily Hebraic (or rather an Abrahamic) mode of interpretation. In fact, the word ‘Hebrew’ is derived from the same root as Abraham (from Abar’– to pass over to the other side). So, Christ, Messiah is our Passover (1 Cor. 5:7). The message is that all nations would be blessed by the Abrahamic covenant. YHWH is the G-d of all nations. At YaYiN, the gospel is contextualized for the benefit of all nations.

2. Hear the Gospel as the disciples would have heard it at YaYiN


A scroll of scripture written in the original language.

Learn the Methodology:Yeshua Contextualised His Message, learn how at YaYiN

We believe that it is very difficult to adequately interpret the scriptures (particularly poetic passages) without deeply engaging the original Bible languages and culture. Yeshua Ha Maschiach, himself, endorsed this type of approach. He contextualized his message to his talmidim into the existing Jewish culture when he delivered his famous inaugural discourse, ‘the sermon on the mount.’ In this sermon. he applied well-known literary devices (such as the ‘seven rules of Hillel’) to explain the Old Testament scriptural references to the Messiah and announced their present fulfilment. He explained these obscure messianic verses in a new and astonishing way to reveal himself as the son of G_d. The implication of his sermon was that he was the long-awaited Messiah and all of Israel, indeed all the Gentile world must now become his Talmidim. Students will be taught the language, culture, and hermeneutic devices that were familiar to first-century audiences. This knowledge is what makes the talmidim at YaYiN students of exceptional quality.


 3. Revealing the logos, the Divine Word of G-d as the Son of Man, and Son of G-d at YaYiN


The Revelation of Jesus, the Divine ‘Son of Man seated on the throne 

At YaYiN, You Learn that the Medium And the Message are intertwined: learn the techniques.

After studying these literary techniques that Yeshua used to contextualize his message, you will be able to appreciate why Yeshua’s words had such an impact. His audience was also familiar with the protocols of speech, the Hebrew language, and oral law (most children learned these until the age thirteen). They would have recognized Yeshua’s claims to be the divine ‘Son of man’ (Ezek. 1; Dan.7:9) and the long-awaited ‘prophet’ (Dt. 18:15).. The medium used was thus a vital part of his message. For those who heard his teaching and message, it would have been a moment of revelation (or ‘pshat’). These protocols, techniques, and precious insights about his lordship have largely been lost on the body of Christ Today.  A prime rule of exegesis is that we can’t know what it means to us unless we know the context and meaning for the original audience. In YaYiN, you will be taught the full extent of the meaning of the Messiah’s words, the medium used, and the evidence of his right to be called Messiah. This will enable you to experience the joy that the disciples felt when they understood that the Messiah was here.



Talmidim exploring the depths of G-d’s word and the Messiah

The top level of study is experienced in Yeshivat Yeshua. This is where the notarikon, YaYiN is derived from. The name, YaYiN (Hebrew for wine), is a simple notarikon representing the new teaching which Jesus, Yeshua Ha Mashiach introduced (Matt. 9:14-17). This term emphasizes both the theoretical and practical aspects of Yeshua’s ministry as expressed in the schools of gifting and knowledge. The Yeshivah is all about  Christ, Yeshua. Although the Schools of Gifting and Knowledge offer precious insights,  the ‘jewel in the crown is the Yeshivah with the prime focus being the study of the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus. It is this combination of attributes that makes studying at YaYin a rewarding and unique experience. The knowledge and revelation taught at the Yeshivah, therefore, require students of the highest academic and spiritual ability. Those who enrol will have already graduated from the schools of knowledge and gifting and will be on the verge of becoming true ‘Talmidim.’ They will receive world-class teaching in all aspects of Yeshua’s person as the Dbar Elohim and son of G-d. ‘This new wine’ in new wineskins will produce task- Theologians with the Apostolic level ministry to influence cities and nations.

“The Word of G-d was made Flesh and Tabernacled with us,” (John 1:14)

word made flesh

The divine Son of G-d, born to redeem the human race and restore sonship

Learn the history of thought about the divine Word of G-d. At the Yeshivah. the Messiah is Revealed as the Son of G-d and Dbar Elohim.

Many believers in Yeshua lack the historical, linguistic, and cultural knowledge to explain Christ’s claims to be the Son of Man and the Son of G-d. We provide all of the necessary tools! Here is a brief taster. The Jews have long believed in a G-d who has both transcendent and immanent aspects. G-D’s immanence, his presence with us, has perplexed and fascinated mankind for centuries. Generations of scholars, both Jewish and Christian, have attempted to explain this mystery. The Jewish Kabbalists, for example, utilized the concept of ‘Malkut‘ (kingdom), to illustrate God’s immanence. Jewish scholars appropriated the idea of the ‘shekinah,’ G-D’s feminine aspect, who tabernacles with us. Others refer to wisdom, the Memra, or the manifested Greek logos to describe the son of God and the son of man. The brit ha hadasha, the New Testament, states that ‘the word of G-d was made flesh and dwelt among us. It is his divine word, his glory, the dbar Elohim who dwelt with us. Judaism has also taught the idea of two messiahs, Ben Joseph the suffering servant, and Ben David who reigns. G-D is one but this oneness is a compound unity (echad) rather than monolithic, homogeneous unity (yachid). It was G-d’s immanence, his ‘kingdom,’ (malkut), his word (the aleph-tau, Torah) which came near, took on flesh, and dwelt among us. Yeshua, Jesus is thus both Messiah ben Joseph and ben David. It is his example that we seek to emulate by raising-up true talmidim. This is just a taste of the revelation of the Messiah taught at YaYiN.


walking student

Talmidim are people who are seeking greater Christ-likeness

As mentioned previously, many of the teachings of Yeshua ha Mashiach can be truly appreciated with knowledge of the culture, history, language and exegetical principles which were in use at that time. Students will acquire some familiarity with elements of Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, rabbinic exegesis, textual criticism, and orality studies. The school of knowledge will develop critical thinking, memory, linguistic ability, and Bible knowledge to an advanced level sufficient for admission to the yeshivah. The school of knowledge thus prepares the student for the advanced level of investigation required for messianic studies on Yeshua, Jesus in the yeshiva. Students of the school will soon be able to read approximately one hundred chapters of the Old Testament in Hebrew (perhaps the first few books of the Torah); gain some awareness of Babylonian Jewish Aramaic; have knowledge of exegesis; have an awareness of western philosophy and a working knowledge of New Testament Greek. Students can gain access by completing the foundation modules from ‘Bet Sefer’ School which will serve as adequate preparation for the school of knowledge modules. These studies will help to reveal the scriptures in an incredible fashion.


the holy spirit

The Holy Spirit Ruach Ha Qodesh illuminates the inspired Word and gifts the believer

The School of Gifting is also a place for gifted people, prophets, intercessors, seers, healers, dreamers, evangelists, and pastors. G-D has placed latent abilities within all of us. Unfortunately, most people never develop their spiritual potential to any degree. At the school of gifting your spiritual giftings (both predominant and sub-dominant) will be honed to a high level. Students who enroll will have located their gifting through the ‘Beyt Sefer’ where detailed discussion about discovering and using their giftings can be obtained. After completing these modules your level of facility in your area of gifting will be greatly enhanced.


The journey to becoming a true disciple of Christ can begin with a single step (or a single click of the mouse). You need only to engage with the lessons provided in the Beyt Sefer to begin to receive a new level of understanding and revelation in Christ, Yeshua. For those who feel they cannot complete the Talmidim Course, the Yeshivah offers the ‘talmidim awareness course’ which gives a general outline of both academic and practical spiritual gifting disciplines. The journey to true discipleship begins here.



SONS – A School of Advanced Apologetics: Restoring Theistic Education in Arts, Sciences and Humanities
The Yeshivah has a strong Theistic emphasis and hence has launched a truly exciting initiative: SONS (School of Non-Secular Humanistic Study). We believe that all the natural sciences and arts find their true context within the backdrop and framework of a loving and benevolent creator. Secular-humanistic study disconnects the seeker of knowledge from this absolute reality and so inevitably leads to erroneous conclusions.

SONS – Restoring Ancient Methods of Inter-disciplinary Learning
Most graduates from modern seminaries and universities would be considered inferior in terms of all-around academic ability and training by the students of ancient academies. Even doctoral students, all too often, end up knowing a lot about a little. In contrast, an educated person in former times could be expected to know about a range of disciplines to a high level. Indeed, many of the great sages and scholars were experts in language, Philosophy, Astronomy, logic, and Theology. SONS emphasizes this interdisciplinary, polymathic approach to education along the lines of a baccalaureate and students can expect to be trained to a high degree in a range of key subjects.