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At the School of evangelism, students will be taught how to contextualise  mission and evangelism into the existing culture. Paul addressed the audience at Mars Hill. He quoted well-known Greek poets such as Cleanthus and Epimenides. This would have created a sense of familiarity with the experience of the listeners. However, the interpretation that Paul placed upon these quotations would have interweaved themes from a monotheistic perspective. This is the basis of incarnational ministry; it contextualises into the culture and lived experiences of the people who are being ministered to.

The great evangelist David Livingstone made little headway with the preaching of the gospel to the Africans until he began to address the social and practical needs of the communities. On the other hand, the social gospel as espoused by Gladden and Rauschenbusch perhaps over-emphasised the doing of good works to the detriment of preaching the gospel. The school of evangelism helps to adopt a balanced approach to the gospel.

Recently there has been an emphasis on seeker-friendly churches. Once again, there is a danger of compromising the essential truths of the gospel in an attempt to appeal to the wider populace. This gospel of friendship is explored form the point of view of doctrines and hierarchies that preclude the expansion and reception of the gospel.



question booklet

Course Topics:

i- the good news

ii- incarnating the gospel

iii- cross-cultural evangelism

iv- cultural-linguistic studies

v- the gospel of friendship

vi- the social gospel

vii- mass evangelism

viii- local and community evangelism

ix- evangelism in the next fifty years


question booklet

A range of questions from the taught material


video course

A series of four videos outlining biblical evangelism

video course    Video Lesson One: What is Evangelism?

video course     Video Lesson: biblical models of evangelism

video course    Video Lesson Three: incarnational evangelism

video course    Video Lesson Four:  friendship evangelism and the social gospel

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