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David Playing the Harp Before Saul by Russian School (19) on artnet
David plays before Saul and Saul is relieved
The prophet Elisha, inspired by the music of a minstrel, tells the kings of  Israel, Judah and Edom that their lands will be irrigated without the aid  of rain or wind. Engraving
Elisha calls for a minstrel

It is customary in many churches today to begin with a time of singing before the minister brings the word of God. This practice is not new. In ancient Israel, the prophet would occasionally call for a minstrel to play or sing before he uttered a word of prophecy. David, had the anointing upon his playing to ease the affliction of king Saul causing even the demons to depart from the king. Music is very spiritual. In the hands of a pure heart, God is able to break the heavy yoke and bring healing and deliverance

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