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There are seven great schools in YaYiN each one dealing with a powerful area of learning or ministry. These seven great mountains would constitute a vast amount of knowledge and experience for anyone who could safely traverse them. Most students, however, will specialise in a few areas of ministry. The seven main schools in YaYiN are the Beyt Sefer, the School of knowledge, the School of Gifting, the School of Prayer, S.OUL.S (mission school), SONS (apologetics school) and the School of Wisdom. The jewel in the crown and highest body of learning is the Yeshivah which provides advanced Christological study -perhaps the most detailed studies of Christ the Messiah that you will come across.

The aim of these schools is to bring about radical social transformation in society with a keen understanding of mission.


The Beyt Sefer or house of the book is the starting point of the journey to great things. In order go on to mastery, the student will need some basic tools. In the Beyt Sefer, the student will learn how to read the words of the Bible in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic (it is not as daunting as it sounds). The student will also be prepared spiritually by locating his/her God-given gifts and given guidance on how to nurture and unleash them for God’s glory.

Critical thinking is another aspect of study in the Beyt Sefer. Asking well-chosen questions is an art-form in itself and a much surer sign of intelligence than giving answers. The Scribes and Pharisees marveled at the questions Yeshua asked. Some philosophy, logic, and Theology will be taught in order to complement this area. Each school has ten levels through which one can progress and which the can be taken when ready. The student should avoid jumping levels as this will only expose gaps in understanding later. The modules taught in the Beyt Sefer will be life-changing, revelatory and will enable the student to progress further to the schools of knowledge and gifting.


Designed primarily for the teaching of the academic skills and competencies which will help students to discover and unearth the riches which lie buried deep in God’s word. This often requires some further familiarity with the language of the Bible as well as other skills such as exegesis, hermeneutics, textual criticism, and theology. All of these areas and more are taught. Although seemingly daunting at first, the rewards of gaining some facility in these areas and the knowledge about the Messiah are simply immeasurable.


The aim of this school is to help students discover, nurture, and unleash the giftings that God has placed within them. Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies is to return a present to God which is unopened. God gives a gift to us; what we do with it is our gift to God. In the school of gifting students will begin the journey of locating predominant and sub-dominant giftings. They will also be encouraged to nurture, develop and place those gifts at the disposal of the one who gave them for his glory.



This school looks at prayer both from a practical and theoretical perspective. You will learn all the different types of prayer, the art of prayer as well as receiving a full exposition about prayer.



This is a school of apologetics. In today’s society, the gap between religious and scientific study is narrowing rapidly. In biblical terms the gap is non-existent- one cannot study the universe without understanding more of G-d and vice-versa.



SOULS is the mission school where practical activities such as feeding the homeless, visiting the lonely, and giving to the poor is advocated



Or school of life eternal is a school of uncommon wisdom from ancient times until today


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