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Biblical Greek

greekIntroduction to Biblical Koinè Greek: the Language of the New Testament -  www.giuseppeguarino.com

The authors of the New Covenant wrote in Greek. Greek is an extremely expressive language in comparison to English. The consequence of translating the manuscripts into English is that much of the meaning is lost. We can also easily mis-interpret critical passages of scripture.

A basic appreciation of Greek will greatly enhance the student’s ability to understand the meaning behind the text. This is what the Greek Primer course will seek to address.

After this course, you will be reading basic chapters of New Testament Greek from the book of John such as the passage below and beginning to enjoy the richness and depth of the scriptures

John 1 GREEK New Testament - YouTube


Course Topics:

i- the Greek language

ii- ancient Greek language

iii- the Greek alphabet

iv- Greek grammar

vi- reading simple sentences

vii- approaching scripture: John 1:1

viii- going deeper into the bible

ix- the power of Greek for exegesis

x- beyond the basics


VIDEO COURSE  video course

The video course consists of four lessons covering the basics of New Testament Greek

video course    Lesson One: all about Greek

video course    Lesson Two: understanding Greek

video course    Lesson Three: reading and writing Greek

video course    Lesson Four: Exegeting scripture with Greek

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