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Biblical Supernatural Computing

What is Biblical Supernatural Computing? As the name indicates, it is a course in computing that generalizes the concept of computing to incorporate theological implications, and ideas around consciousness, artificial intelligence, and supernature. These may seem like disparate disciplines but they all stem from a single branch. For most of human history, it was assumed that the ‘soul’ was part of the makeup of human beings. The dualists, in particular, separated the idea of the flesh from the spirit.

Philosophers began the discussion in the previous century with the idea of the ‘ghost in the machine.’ By this, they wondered whether there was such a thing as a soul or whether man was completely mechanical, an advanced computer. If he is an advanced computer, then artificial intelligence is on its way to creating the first man. These are just some of the considerations of biblical supernatural computing.

Lesson One: Biblical Supernatural Computing

Video Lesson: Supernatural Computing

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