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What is YaYiN About?

YaYiN is a unique online university training biblical students of extraordinary abilty and quality. The university consists of seven major schools-each focusing upon an integral aspect of ministry. After completing studies at YaYiN, students will be competent in biblical and ancient languages; understand and flow in their spiritual gifts; have deep theological ability and be trained in missiology. It therefore combines the academic and theological with the pneumatic and missiological.

YaYiN is an acronym or notarikon that stands for Yeshivay Yeshua ha Notzri or a university of Jesus of Nazareth. As can be gleaned from the name, the prime object and person of interest is Yeshua ha Machiach, Jesus Christ- the central figure of human history. In order to pursue this course of study at an advanced level, a knowledge of biblical languages that the scriptures have been written in are required. The university therefore immerses the student into Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and other ancient languages in order to feel and hear the heartbeat of the scriptures in the original tongue. Yeshua was also highly gifted spiritually in healing, words of knowledge, faith and deliverance. He was a prophet and full of wisdom. The University, therefore, offers training and insight into the gifts of the Spirit. You will learn how to discover and use the gifts that God has placed within you. Finally, at YaYiN, students can study and learn about many of the traditional  disciplines in the context of a personal God who has created the universes and intervenes in the daily lives of believers. A God who became flesh, dwelt amongst us and explains the laws of the universe.

The Ethos:

The overall emphases of the Yeshivah are academic, pneumatic, messianic and Philo-Semitic. The Hebrew scriptures were meticulously transmitted and preserved by the Jews over the course of many centuries. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls confirmed the accuracy of the transmission process. The Jewish nation, particularly the Masoretes, deserve credit for their devotion to God’s word which has placed into the hands of the modern student an accurate copy of God’s word and established a common basis from which embark upon theological study.

The Yeshivah, along with early tradition, believes in a personal messiah who will ultimately usher-in the messianic age and whose kingdom will have no end




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