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Havurot: Interpretation Technique

masoreticdrash.jpgContemporary Christianity: Post-Evangelic Topics and Theology: Index -  Hermeneutics | Biblical teaching, Personal bible study, Bible interpretation

File:Christ Among The Doctors (Ribera).jpg - Wikimedia CommonsAcademics - Payne Theological Seminary

Jesus reasons with the Doctors and Lawyers who are astounded at his questions and insights

Jesus was the living word. As such, he had a perfect understanding of the ‘TANAK,’ the Torah, the prophets, and writings. He incorporated existing hermeneutical methodology and tools into his teaching but re-interpreted them in an astonishing way. In this course, we will study the rhetorical devices that Jesus, Paul, and the early Apostles used to communicate their message in the gospels and epistles.

Beginning with a look at Rabbinical exegetical techniques used in the famous ‘sermon on the mount,’ we paint a picture of how the apostle Paul further interwove his message into the Greek culture using other well-known Greek oratorical and Jewish devices. By understanding the methodology of both Christ and Paul, we have a real template from which to work when attempting to communicate the message of the cross to contemporary culture.

After this study, your approach to communicating the gospel in a post-modern 21st-century culture (which is very similar to the first-century Mediterranean culture) will be transformed and you will be an effective witness to the gospel of Yeshua.


Course Topics:

i- The nature of hermeneutics

ii- Bibles and the canon of scripture

iii- Classical hermeneutical techniques

iv- scriptural passages highlighting hermeneutical techniques

v- linguistic and cultural considerations

vi- Greek literary protocols

vii- Hebrew and Aramaic literary protocols

viii- Hermeneutical methodology in Jesus’ time

ix- applying techniques to various texts

x-  extracting the full meaning

xi- (optional) spiritual hermeneutics: when the Spirit interprets

QUESTION BOOKLET  YSK shared the question booklet on social media! Flash enhancement | Web24  News

This booklet contains a range of questions from the material covered. After completing the booklet successfully, the student will be in a position to go onto the advanced topics in the school of knowledge.

VIDEO COURSE   Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Online Course – The Postman's Knock

The video course consists of lessons in hermeneutics by R Christopher

video course  Video Lesson One: What is Hermeneutics?

video course   Video Lesson Two: Bible Translations

video course   Video Lesson Three: Linguistic Considerations- Hebrew and Greek

video course    Video Lesson Four: Modern Hermeneutical Methodologies

video course    Video Lesson Five:  Ancient Hermeneutical Methodologies

video course   Video Lesson Six: Applying Methodologies to extract meaning in          biblical cultural contexts

Hermeneutics Presentation

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