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Doctrinal Statement

  1.  We believe that Yeshua, Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah. He fulfills the prophecies spoken by the prophets and the genealogical requirements of the Messiah. He qualifies as both priest and king based upon his lineage and is the Son of Man spoken of in Daniel and the Son of God.
  2. Yeshua is the seed of Abraham and the seed of the woman( Gen. 3)
  3. Salvation is by grace through faith
  4. The kingdom of Yeshua is here
  5. The resurrection confirmed God’s favor upon Yeshua
  6. The temple is rebuilt in his flesh
  7. The Holy Spirit has confirmed his status as Messiah and High Priest by signs and works
  8. The Holy Spirit bears witness to Messiahs continuing ministry
  9. Gentiles have access to the throne of G-d
  10. The middle wall of partition has been removed
  11. Women, men, Jew and Gentile are one in Messiah


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