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All believers have the authority to pray in the name of Jesus for the deliverance of those who are oppressed by evil. The ministry of deliverance can assume different forms varying from counselling, teaching, listening to anointed worship music and in certain circumstances, commanding an evil spirit in Jesus’ name to depart. Jesus announced his kingdom by the casting out of demons and healing the sick (Luke 11:20). The casting out of demons by Jesus would have been interpreted as his authority over evil and the devil. In this course, we will study the area of deliverance from a biblical, historical and practical perspective. Deliverance is a much maligned and misused practice so this course will shed some light on best biblical teaching and practice.



i-what is deliverance?

ii- Jesus’ ministry of deliverance

iii- the commission to the disciples

iv- the ministry of the church

v- demonology

vi- traditional exorcism and deliverance

vii- deliverance throughout the centuries

viii- the authority of the believer

ix- -deliverance in modern era

QUESTION BOOKLET  question booklet

This booklet contains a range of questions from the taught material

VIDEO COURSE  video course

This four-part video series will contrast good and bad practice in the area of deliverance and hopefully allow the student to see the biblical example of deliverance.

video course     LESSON ONE: What is deliverance?

video course     LESSON TWO: What does the bible say about demons?

video course     LESSON THREE: Spiritual versus Psychological and emotional

video course    LESSON FOUR: Jesus’ method of deliverance

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