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Students learn all about the Messiah, the saviour of mankind

Welcome to the Yeshivah

Students and graduates from the schools of gifting and knowledge who are fortunate enough to attend the Yeshivah of Yeshua, the Jewel in the crown, will experience life-changing, teaching and revelation about the Messiah.

The Yeshivah represents the top level of study and therefore will challenge students both to demonstrate the giftings and the knowledge that they have attained.The focus of all the modules is the Messiah. Students will need all the knowledge and experience that they have gained through the schools of gifting and knowledge in order to fully appreciate the various aspects of Yeshua’s ministry

For example, Yeshua spoke a variant of Aramaic but which variant most closely expresses the thoughts of a Galilean? Is it the Aramaic of Daniel, the Aramaic of later biblical academies, Palestinian Aramaic, Estrangela or western Aramaic? Can Jesus be the Messiah if the lineage of Jechonias was cursed and why do the lineages of Matthew and Luke differ? Who did Moses speak to on Mount Sinai and who is the mysterious figure that Ezekiel saw on the throne?

As we explore deeper and deeper questions about God, the shekinah, the glory, the tabernacle and the Hebrew language, the student will encounter truth rarely taught in the body of Christ. It will bring him/her into a deeper relationship with Christ the son of God

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