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Dream Interpretation

dream interpretationdream interpretdream-analysis

‘but there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets..’ Daniel 2:28

God has encoded the bible with signs, symbols fro nature which are often incorporated into dreams. The ability to interpret these symbols with the illumination of the Holy Spirit is precious.

This course will study both symbols and hearing from God.It is this combination which makes this subject so interesting and valuable


Course Topics:

i- what are dreams?

ii- do dreams have significance ?

iii- what is dream language?

iv- biblical symbols

v- the art of interpretation

vi- a biblical hermeneutic

QUESTION BOOKLET question booklet

A range of questions from the taught material

VIDEO COURSE  video course

A two- part course on dreams and visions

video course   LESSON ONE: Dreams and Visions

video course    LESSON TWO: understanding dreams and visions


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