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It is clear that some people seem to be more effective in praying for those who are sick in body, mind, or soul than others. While all believers can pray for anyone and exercise their faith for the healing of the sick in Jesus’ name, some seem to be assigned particularly to this ministry.

Typically, those who are successful in the healing ministry have unususual depths of compassion and empathy with those who are suffering – often as a result of having experienced deep pain or suffering in their own lives. They seem to have been especially moulded by God for this specific ministry and are able to exercise great faith or inspire faith in those to whom they are ministering.

Miracles are always sovereign acts of God and no one owns or controls a gift. However, a person who is gifted in healing can often distinguish between those who don’t really want to be healed, those who are ready and those who God may use the hands of a physician to heal.

This course aims to develop sharpness in the area of healing and train those who may be called to this ministry.

BOOKLET – HEALING  question booklet

i- biblical healing

ii-types of healing

iii-hindrances to healing

iv- when God doesn’t heal

v- natural healing: body and soul

vi- words that hurt and heal

vii- emotional and psychological healing

viii- spiritual and supernatural healing and deliverance

ix- ultimate healing and shalom

QUESTION BOOKLET question booklet

After having studied the lessons on healing, the student will be in a position to answer all the questions from the booklet

VIDEO COURSE  video course

The video course consists of four lessons demonstrating a true biblical view of healing.

video course    Video Lesson One: Healing

video course     Video Lesson Two: receiving healing

video course     Video Lesson Three: hindrances to healing

video course     Video Lesson Four: Ministering healing-body, soul and spirit

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