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Hebrew Primer

In these modules you will discover the vital impor


the deep meaning of the scripture

tance of biblical Hebrew in understanding the text of the Old Testament. It is also extremely valuable to read the New Testament in Hebrew (although it has been passed down to us in Greek) as it brings out the fullness of the Old Testament in the light of the cross.

Like Aramaic, there are different dialects of Hebrew and it is important to study the correct one. Biblical Hebrew is different from Old Hebrew, Mishnaic Hebrew, Medieval Hebrew and modern Hebrew. We will be mainly looking at biblical/classical Hebrew.

After this course, students should be confident in reading much of the basic text of the torah and therefore appreciate the words of Yeshua much more.

BOOKLET HEBREW – ‘In the beginning God Created’ (Academic Track)


BOOKLET HEBREW AWARENESS (For the Spiritual Gifting Track)

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