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Gift of Tongues

What does the Bible say about the gift of speaking in tongues? | Bible  Universe

Some believe that the gifts of the spirit ceased with the completion of the canon. It is often quoted that ‘when that which is perfect is come, that which is imperfect shall be put away’ (1 Corinthians 13:8). Most linguistic scholars agree that this is the one meaning that this scripture cannot have as they wouldn’t have known of the completion of the canon. This course will show that, indeed, the gifts of the Spirit, including tongues, is still very relevant for today.

To the early believers, the coming of the Holy Spirit would have been seen eschatologically more than pneumatically. It was a sign that the last days had arrived and that God was fulfilling his end-time promises to Israel. Tongues were also a sign to unbelievers. I t was a statement that the kingdom had come. The Apostle Paul felt the need to teach the church how the gift should be used in the church (1 Cor.14). We will study this important gift in the booklet, glossalia.


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