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Founder and International Head- R Christopher


Hebrew and Greek Bible (30) - Bible Buying Guide

R Christopher has taught the bible and Theology at an advanced level for over thirty years throughout the United Kingdom and other countries. He teaches biblical languages including Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin. As well as these, he is a student of forty modern languages and twelve ancient languages. R Christopher believes that memory of scripture is an important discipline (one that is taught in the ‘tannaim’ class) and, at present has memorized the New Testament and over fifty books of the bible. Although primarily a bible teacher, R Christopher is also a student of Mathematics, Literature, History, Biochemistry, and Philosophy. Modules relating these disciplines to theological discussion can be found under the ‘SONS’ link on this website. Indeed, all of the modules and lessons on Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, ancient languages, science, philosophy and gifts of the Spirit have personally been written by R Christopher for the empowerment and blessing to the body of Yeshua ha Maschiach. Before specializing in a teaching ministry, R Christopher served as  Pastor of a successful multi-cultural church for twenty five years. He is married to Jacqueline and they have four children.

R Christopher believes that awareness of bible disciplines such as hermeneutics, critical thinking and the Jewish background of the bible are greatly under-emphasised in the body of Christ. Believers need to be taught how to understand and correctly apply their G-d -given giftings: there is a need for a correct Pentecostal hermeneutic. The ministry of YaYiN, therefore, comes from a desire to bring the message of the Messiah to both Jew and Gentile and to raise up an army of elite disciples across the nations who will be able to reveal Yeshua, Jesus to a world in much need of a saviour.

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