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Apostolic Gift

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An Apostolic calling upon a person’s life is rare gift in the body of Christ today. The ability to influence nations, to bring the good news of the gospel to areas where it is unheard of, to raise up armies of disciples and lasting institutions which further kingdom work requires a special annointing over one’s life.

The Apostle Paul clearly had such an annointing as did Peter, John and the other Apostles. There are also modern apostles. Men and women who are sent out into the world and achieve great things for God. While names such as William Boothe, David Livngstone and Hudson Taylor may come to mind they all had to start somewhere-the Apostles of Christ were trained over the course of three years. It is this Apostolic spark which YaYiN seeks to ignite, encourage and unleash in those who may have such a calling.

Students who complete the teaching offered in the Yeshivah (level three-shaliach) will have sufficient knowledge, encouragement and revelation to go forth into the world and do great things. Instead of a parochial vision, they will have a vision to influence and affect nations.



i- what is an Apostle?

ii- Great Apostles in biblical history

iii- global national and city-wide transformation

iv- calling and commissioning of Apostles

v – Modern Apostles, Shaliachs

vi- the Apostolic Spark

QUESTION BOOKLET question booklet

This booklet contains a range of questions from the lessons taught in the course

VIDEO LESSON  video course

Lesson One: Apostles

Lesson Two: the Apostolic Spark

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