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School of the Holy Spirit

Level Two Talmid Study

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Everyone was born with a Spiritual Gift: the School helps students realize their potential

Level Two Study

Congratulations. You have worked your way through the Bet Sefer either through the academic or gifting pathway and are now ready to further your studies. As you increase in knowledge you will draw closer to a much greater revelation of our Lord and saviour, Yeshua, Jesus.

Quality Information

The aim of these studies is to help you to develop your God-given spiritual abilities for the glory of the kingdom and the glory of God. Every gift must ultimately be laid back at the feet of the one who gives them. This means having a correct pneumatic hermeneutic-a deep understanding of how the gifts of the Spirit operate.

The gifting track majors in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It also gives the opportunity to continue the minor track in Hebrew, Greek and Theological awareness from the Beyt Sefer.

What you will Learn:

  1. By this stage, You will have identified predominant and subdominant gifts. You will receive advanced discipleship in the relevant areas of your gifting.
  2. You will receive a deep understanding of nature and work of the Holy Spirit
  3. You will be given opportunities to practice and gain experience in relevant areas of gifting.

How do I proceed?

Choose five modules of your choice from the list in the school of gifting. Each module is worth 30 credits giving a total of 150 credits toward the final result. The modules will consist of both theory and practice.

Why Choose the School of Gifting?

Do you find that others comment or compliment you on aspects of your character, personality, or ability? Do you find that you are able to do certain things with greater facility than your contemporaries or peers? One definition of frustration is to try to achieve greatness in an area that you are not gifted in. This consumes both time and effort. In the beyt Sefer, there is an emphasis on locating pre-dominant areas of gifting; In the school of Gifting, the emphasis is on developing and enhancing the areas that God has blessed us.

Gifts generally can’t be taught or appropriated as they are graces of the Holy Spirit dividing to each person as he wills. Existing gifts can most certainly be developed, honed, and maximised. In the school of gifting, you will be taught and developed and your abilities sharpened to unprecedented levels.

In conjunction with developing and understanding gifting, you will continue to increase your awareness and appreciation of the biblical languages and interpretation in the Hebrew and Greek Awareness course



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You Will Also Continue Studies in Hebrew/Greek Awareness and Interpretation from the Beyt Sefer:


the deep meaning of the scripture


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