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Prophetic Gift


School of Prophecy


The prophetic is an area that is of great benefit for the church to explore but can also cause much harm if abused or misunderstood. Indeed, it has literally made or broken many churches. Every believer can access all the gifts but not all are necessarily prophets. In this course, we will study the area of the prophetic and learn what a tremendous and exciting blessing it can be to the church and the believer when applied and interpreted correctly. It is the aim of the School of Gifting to develop a correct Pentecostal hermeneutic based upon the scriptures and the Holy Spirit.


question booklet

Course Topics:

i- what is prophecy?

ii- the prophets

iii- types of prophet

iv- the nature of biblical prophecy

v- the place of prophecy in the local church

vi- the place of prophecy in the community

vii- the gift of prophecy

viii- the prophetic

ix- uses and abuses of prophecy

x- a pentecostal hermeneutic


question booklet

A range of questions from the taught material


video course

A four-part course in prophecy

LESSON ONE: Prophecy

video course

LESSON TWO: the gift of prophecy

LESSON THREE: Prophecy in the church

LESSON FOUR: the gift of prophecy

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