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Kohanim:New Covenant Priests


breastplate.jpgFather Blessing His Children

The Priesthood of the believer is a fundamental tenet of the Reformation. This tenet states that we all come before God as individuals through the atonement of Christ, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, our High Priest

What does it mean t to be a New Testament priest? A priest is a representative; he represents a constituency. Every husband is the Priest of his own household and can come to God as a Priest of the home. A priest has the privilege and authority to come before G-d (Heb. 4:6). A priest is a steward of the temple: the temple of the body. He must take care of the physical body. As priests, we also guard what enters the inner temple, the soul and take care to be an adequate sanctuary for the Spirit of God to dwell in. This also means being careful to not entertain inappropriate thoughts and feelings but rather to think about the things that are good (Phil 4:8) and singing spiritual songs. The priests in Israel sang selected psalms daily for different events in the life of Israel.

We, therefore, guard the words of our mouths to ensure that we do not become defiled. Jesus himself said ‘ it is not what goes in but what comes out that defiles’ Ultimately the priesthood of the believer is a life of love towards God and service to our fellow man. As we take up the mantle of being stewards of our bodies, souls, spirits, and priests to our families, churches, and communities, we will be qualified to advance further into the knowledge and mysteries of Christ. Of all the courses in the Beyt Sefer, this is the most significant; it is worship as a lifestyle- a life of Holiness. There will be advanced topics in relation to gifts and languages etc but it is important for these to be laid upon a foundation of love, service, priesthood and holiness.




i- the Reformation and the priesthood of the believer

ii- the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit

ii- the tabernacle of Moses and temple of Solomon: furniture and function

iii- the temple of the home post captivity and modern times

iv= the temple of the church

VIDEO COURSEĀ  video course

A presentation on a life of love and holiness

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