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Biblical Supernatural Physics

What is Biblical Supernatural Physics? It is a regular course in physics but generalizing it to include the theological and supernatural implications. Classical, Newtonian physics held that the universe operated like a precise mechanical machine that could predict the motion of every atom. This empirical and classical view was superseded by quantum physics which showed the universe acting in a probabilistic way. Since then other theories such as string theory M theory, supergravity, etc have continued to show the strangeness of the universe. It is physic that first demonstrated the reality of the supernatural. After all, the universe inflated at a speed faster than the speed of light. This is not possible in nature but is in supernature.

The existence of supernature is then an essential aspect of physics as the universe inflated into something. Scientists have also discovered multiple dimensions and are even purporting multiple universes to explain concepts such as fine-tuning, evolution, and M theory where our universe could just be a bubble. Supernature, then, is implied by nature. Space and time are products of nature. Most importantly, the universe acts according to laws that are extremely strange, probabilistic, and seemingly illogical! This is why science has returned to its experimental roots; we simply don’t know what’s coming around the corner. Mathematical prediction has let science down too often.

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LESSON ONE -Biblical Supernatural Physics

VIDEO LESSON – Biblical Supernatural Physics

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