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Level One Talmidim Course

The Beyt Sefer offers two courses, the Talmidim Course for beginner level students who wish to progress through the various schools offered and the Talmidim Awareness Course for those who simply wish to have a taste of what it is to be a true talmid without going through all of the material and the schools.


  1. Foundational Modules

All earnest students are welcome to the Bet Sefer. Yeshua, himself chose twelve men of limited ability to disciple. It was their availability rather than their ability which was important to him. In the bet sefer, students will find out if they have what it takes to progress further by attempting the foundational modules.

2.  Quality Information

Throughout your studies at YAYIN, you will encounter the key theme of ‘complexity veiled in simplicity.’ Yeshua, in typical Galilean fashion, taught deep and profound truths using the vehicle of simple parables, stories, questions and insights. We have therefore cut back on recommending lengthy lists of required texts and requiring essays in favour of simply imparting quality information and insights and building  key competences which would be necessary for further progression.

What You Will Learn:

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  1. Basic Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Studies

The ‘Beyt Sefer’ or House of the book, is a traditional place of study for those who wish to gain a foundational knowledge of the bible, bible languages and critical thinking. The prime focus is to prepare students for progression to the schools of gifting and knowledge (the requirements for the school of knowledge are the ability to read 100 chapters of Biblical Hebrew and ten chapters New Testament Greek (from the book of John) plus a basic knowledge of systematic Theology. Students for the school of gifting will have a modified process for progression-see below under ‘two course tracks’)

2. Critical Thinking and Logic

In the Beyt Sefer, the student will be taught how to think critically in addition to beginning theological, biblical and linguistic studies. The student will therefore be given an introduction to biblical Hebrew and Greek. Finally, the the student will learn how to identify and use the God-given gifts within him/her and to develop an authentic ministry which can impact his/her church and community. All students will discover their true calling as priests and hence will receive the complimentary booklet – ‘the priesthood, a life of love and holiness.’

3. Biblical Interpretation

Most importantly, you will learn how to correctly interpret the bible and learn to think critically. Jesus and Paul, for example would have been familiar with the dialectical, pilpul style of question and response which encourages deep thought and reflection about biblical topics. You will also be taught how to think critically in a similar.

This is the first step to becoming a true talmid and scholar. The booklets below contain all that you will need to accomplish the first phase of the ‘talmid course’ and hence to be rightly called a talmid. They can be used in bible studies, small groups and church conferences. This, of course, is not the end of your studies.

4. New Covenant Priesthood

The tabernacle was an image of the temple in heaven. Yeshua represented the living temple on earth. The mantle of priesthood and being the temple of G-D has now fallen to New Covenant believers. The implications of this are explained in the module on the priesthood. We are temples of the Holy Spirit and priests unto God. This course demonstrates how to live this out in the midst of our present societies.

5. Discovering and Developing your Gifts

All of us were graced with unique gifts from birth. The gifts that we have been given is God’s gift to us nut what we do with them is our gift to God. Gifts can be enhanced and developed and this is an obligation upon all believers as a response to God. This course will teach believers how to locate, enhance and develop their God-given gifts.

6. Leviticus

7.  Messiah


The following course booklets will guide you through the first phase of study and provide the requisite foundational competencies for further progression. After reading through each booklet, you should take the associated tests in the appendices. A pass mark of 90% will show true understanding of the subject matter.

1. ‘In the Beginning God Created’ : a Simple Approach to Biblical Hebrew (academic track students)

2. ‘In the Beginning was the Word: A Simplified Approach to New Testament Greek

3. Biblical Interpretation ‘Havurot’ – Learning to think and Discuss Like Jesus and Paul

4.‘Eli Lama Sabacthani’ –Why Jesus Spoke Aramaic, what he really said

5. The Priesthood of the Believer : Exodus, Leviticus and God’s Glory within YOU (all students)

6. Understanding and Using your Spiritual Gifts (gifting track students)



The journey to become a great biblical Scholar begins here

Some may feel unable to go through the rigours of the Talmid Course and may simply want a good sense of what it is to be a Talmid. The Beyt Sefer also offers the ‘Talmid Awareness Course.’ You will not encounter many key concepts and ideas or master many of the competences but will have an all-round sense of what it is to be a Talmid. Those who opt for the Talmid Awareness Course will be given a general awareness about the many topics listed in the Beyt Sefer, Schools of Knowledge and Gifting and the Yeshivah. Students will also learn mainy invaluable insights into the importance of Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic languages.


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