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Biblical Supernatural Chemistry

What is Biblical supernatural Chemistry? It is a regular course in Chemistry but generalizing the concept to include the implications of the theological and supernatural. A major shift occurred when Stanley Miller produced Amino acids under laboratory conditions in 1957. Another happened when urea was chemically produced. These organic substances, according to many scientists, demonstrated a pathway to the origins of life without the need for God. These discoveries called into question the necessity for the idea of a God. After all, if we are simply the product of molecular interactions and processes that have evolved from atoms, then everything that we can observe in nature can be explained on this level.

Developments in Chemistry

Science has progressed from a Newtonian, classical understanding of the universe to a probabilistic and relativistic understanding. The emergence of quantum theory, relativity, and string theories have ironically revived the possibility of God. Science is aware of the uncertainty, and strangeness of the laws of nature and is in the process of rethinking its foundational documents of the scientific method. Chemistry is also continuing to develop and understanding the fundamental processes and metabolic pathways of life. How did chemical evolution take place? Could the DNA or RNA molecule have evolved by any natural mechanism? The great astrophysicist, Sir Fred Hoyle doubted this possibility and mooted that the DNA molecule could have been planted by alien life. This view was also shared by Francis Crick the discover of the helix.

Chemical processes are themselves dependent upon physical laws such as tunnelling, entropy, spin, etc. Ultimately, the question must be answered of whether any of this is actually possible.

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