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Pentecost 2018 -The Kingdom has Come

On Saturday 19th of May, the world witnessed the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The wedding coincided with the beginning of Pentecost or Shavuot. During the wedding some notable elements stood out as making a particular impact on those watching:

  • The Lord’s Prayer was prayed before the global audience- a prayer about the kingdom
  • A rapturous version of the song, ‘stand by me’ was given by the Kingdom Choir.
  • It was the culmination of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s series on ‘thy Kingdom come’ a programme to promote awareness of the kingdom.
  • An Episcopalian Bishop spoke about the power of Love. In Jewish thought, G-d’s love is shown through his law; there is no love without law. The sermon about the transforming and redemptive nature of love where love was equated with ‘fire’ and ‘power’ to ‘change the world’ was a message of kingdom.




Pentecost comes fifty days after Passover or first fruits and is symbolic of the law being given from Mt Sinai fifty days after Passover. The act of giving law is a statement of Kingdom; one can only issue law in sovereign territory. There are many aspects of the Lord’s Prayer which allude to the presence and power of the kingdom (in Hebrew, the words, ‘Malkut’ and ‘Memlecah’ representing kingdom are used). Pentecost was a powerful statement of G-ds authority coming to earth through the his church.

There are many aspects to this teaching that are interesting and intricate. Because of the importance of this teaching, YaYiN is making the full teaching, going into the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words freely available to all global Talmidim upon request. This will also incorporate a deep study of the real significance of the coming of the Holy Spirit or Ruach ha Qodesh.

We are also inviting new Talmidim to enjoy the benefits of the courses offered in the Beyt Sefer, the starting point for further progression in YaYiN. So, take advantage of this precious resource and gain fresh insight into the presence and power of the kingdom as taught in the Lord’s Prayer today!