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Qualify as a Trained Talmid, Take the ‘Talmidim Course’ 2018

Your journey to becoming a  true Talmid-disciple of Christ can begin today. The Beyt sefer (under the ‘schools’ link) is the ideal starting place where you can begin to think as Jesus and his disciples thought. You need only begin to engage with the booklets and exercises in the Beyt sefer. This could be one of the most important junctures of your development as a Christian, Jew or other faith seeking to learn more about the Messiah.The first course books will be posted online in January 2018 and you can begin your studies. It would be interesting to learn more about students so please write to YAYIN and tell us a little about your journey and study goals. The Talmidim Taster Course is designed for those of slightly less academic ability or with less time, the Talmid taster course offers a general sense of what it is to be a Talmid. This course briefly explains and summarizes the topics seen in the Beyt sefer, school of Gifting and Knowledge and the Yeshivah. It also gives advice as to a correct approach to study and further development. God bless

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